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How to make a killer Instagram bio

You profile page on Instagram is like a shop window: it must show out you at your best. Your profile pic . Most brands use their company logo, which is good since it leaves no confusion as to what account people land on. The problem is that not...

How to power up your 'link in bio'

If you run your Instagram profile with the aim to drive engagement and send leads to a product page or website, you are probably going to use the link in bio strategy: when people find a brand on social media and decide they want to learn more,...

ILnk.It for the local business

ILnk.It loves local businesses and offers a nifty tool to help them improve their online presence. As a local business owner, what you want is to have your clients to remember you and follow you so that you are able to reach them with news and...

How to link your site from Instagram

Are you looking for ways to drive more website traffic from Instagram? Unsure about how to add links in your instagram posts? In this article, you’ll find the best way to add valuable links to your Instagram posts.