How to link your site from Instagram

If you are more than a newby on Instagram you know that there is no way to add working links to your posts.

There is a single place where you can add a link and have it correctly working: you bio.  Which is why you’ll often see Instagram users close their captions with "link in bio". But this can be a huge problem since just one link is not enough!

Just one link in bio is a heavy limit to the options you have to get your followers to your online resources, like your blog, Youtube channel, Twitter account and more.

That's were ILnk.It comes in: use it to create your enhanced profile page and add to it multiple links to all your valuable resources. Manage those links in a easy and effective way: personalize your page colors, images and contents with the hassle free editor and let your followers discover all the contents you can offer them by linking that single page in your bio.

The very good thing is that you can choose your ILnk.It page URL to follow your name or company name, like if you are "@johndoe" on Instagram you can have your ILnk.It page named as so that's easy to remember for you and for your followers. And since the URL is very short and expressive, you can also use it like a short link in your posts: it will not be cliccable but it will be super easy for your followers to copy and paste it or type to their web browser.

If this does not seems enough, ILnk.It will also collect your page navigation statistics (page views and clicks) and show them in easy to read charts that will help you better understand what your audience wants.

Better of all, you can give it a try right now for free!

Create your page now. #OneLinkToRuleThemAll #OneLinkToRuleThemAll