How to make a killer Instagram bio

You profile page on Instagram is like a shop window: it must show out you at your best.

  • Your profile pic. Most brands use their company logo, which is good since it leaves no confusion as to what account people land on. The problem is that not all company logos fit right in the circle area Instagram uses to crop profile image. If your logo does not fir well in a circle, consider use something different, like your favicon or a something else. The general rule is going with something high quality and representative.

  • A brief description. Sum up nicely what you are and what you do to inform people in a flash. Instagrammers have no time to lose, and will not read a long and boring description. Keep your bio text in two or three sentences.

  • Use a regular or business account? This one is purely up to you. If you are a company or a shop, identifying your brand as a business is the right choice. A business account also  enables you to use Instagram marketing circuit. As far as we know there are no differences between the two types of account in terms of reach or engagement.

  • Your website. This is the only place in all of Instagram (safe for swiping up in Stories) where you can enter a hyperlink to redirect your audience somewhere. Usual choice is to use a blog or web site link. Someone also uses a Twitter, Facebook or YouTube (or other social platform) profile link to cross link multiple social profiles. A more efficient way to use this link is to use to create your own enhanced profile where you can add multiple direct links to all your relevant contents on both your own resources (blog, web site, ecommerce...) or other social networks. Here it is important your audience can  learn more about you and your business. #OneLinkToRuleThemAll #OneLinkToRuleThemAll