How to power up your 'link in bio'

If you run your Instagram profile with the aim to drive engagement and send leads to a product page or website, you are probably going to use the link in bio strategy: when people find a brand on social media and decide they want to learn more, they use the link in that company’s bio to begin their search.

Instagram  “bio” is the place where organizations, influencers and individuals share essential information about themselves. The bio may contain details about the nature of the business, what it sells and contact information. Instagram also allows you to add a one and one link only to your bio.

And since Instagram posts don’t allow for links (though you can post links with your captions, the URLs won’t be clickable), individual Instagram posts often direct users to the link in bio. Hence in Instagram the “link in bio” is the clickable URL that visitors use to visit what you deem to be your most valuable online real-estate.  

How to use your link in bio

Used correctly, your link in bio helps to drive engagement and loyalty among your customers. Here follows some ways you can use your link in bio: 

  • Promote a sale 
  • Draw attention to a product launch
  • Send people to a landing page to collect leads
  • Tell people you are also on other socials
  • Give additional information about your company/products
  • Link to your most popular product
  • Invite people to a giveaway
  • Direct people to a video or podcast
  • Offer a free sample of your product

The big problem here is that you can only have one link in the bio so how should you use it?

The strategy used by most instagrammer is to modify the link in bio to follow up last post. For example if your last post was about a certain product from your brand, the link in bio would be changed to point to that product. Following this strategy everytime you add a new product post, you should also change the bio link. Unfortunately changing the bio link will also make totally useless the "link in bio" notice of the past days posts! 

With a tool like ILnk.It you can build a mobile optimized landing page where you can add a list of links. Just use your ILnk.It page in your bio link and every time you add a new post inviting to follow the link in bio, you simply add a link at the top of the list of the ILnk.It page.

Every time you add a post which need a "link in bio", just add the new link at the as top button in ILnk.It page, this way you will still keep all the other links.

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