ILnk.It for the local business

ILnk.It loves local businesses and offers a nifty tool to help them improve their online presence.

As a local business owner, what you want is to have your clients to remember you and follow you so that you are able to reach them with news and make them think about you and finally get back to your store when they are in the mood or need to buy.

How can you do that?

  • Facebook page
  • Instagram and Twitter profile
  • A web site

That's correct, but how can you be sure they can find those valuable resources? 

ILnk.It is the answer: create an ILnk.It enhanced bio page, add to it your social profiles, shop address, web site link, email, telephone number, Google local business page and every other online resource you have, then generate the page QRCode and make it available for scanning in your store. 

Now your users can scan it, and have your quick reference with them in their mobile phone. Or they can choose if they want to follow you on Facebook or Instagram, or in any other way.

You can place your QRCode on the booth so that customers can easily scan it when they are in the shop and also hang one in shop window so that customer can scan it whenever they want, even when your shop is closed.

Create your page now and start improve your shop online presence. #OneLinkToRuleThemAll #OneLinkToRuleThemAll