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Business cards are the way to get us noticed and remembered in networking events. They hold fundamental information about us and our businesses, and  show them to the rest of the world to learn so they contact us. For this reason, it is essential to have QR codes on your business card to be up to date and ready for everything.

QR codes are already known in everyday life, we can see them in magazines, posters, packages or the Internet. They are bidimensional barcodes that every recent smartphone can read with the photo app, and that can usually contain a link to an online resource.

The QR code word comes from the term quick response code. This code-like bar connects the non-digital with the digital world. QR codes are becoming more and more popular among smartphone owners because they are easy to scan and they make it easier to deal with information and process information with just one click. 

Adding a QRCode to your business card is a great way to add a link to your digital presence. But what exactly which link you have to put in your business card QRCode? 

Usually people opt to put in the QRCode all their contact details in VCARD format so that people who scan the code can directly copy them to their phone contacts list. At the first glance this option seems good but it does not add any emotion/memorability to your profile, that will probably get lost inside a crowded contact list (I have over 350 profiles in my contact list, how many have you?).

As an alternative you can opt to put a single link in the QRCode, like the URL to your main web site. This way you probably add a strong emotional content but how can your interlocutor add your data to his phone contacts?

With ILnk.It you have a third and most effective option: use your ILnk.It page QRCode to link to your profile where you can show both your contact information like telephone number, email address, Skype address,  and the links to your valuable online resources, including your web site, blog or LinkedIn profile.

People that access your ILnk.It page from your business card can easily use or add to their contacts your phone number or email clicking on them. Also they can easily access all the other resource you added to the page.

And thanks to ILnk.It service you can also know how many people navigate to your page and click on the links.

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ilnk.it #OneLinkToRuleThemAll

ilnk.it #OneLinkToRuleThemAll