What vanity URLs are and why they are important

A vanity URL is a branded web address used not only to redirect URLs from one location to another but also to push your brand name. A vanity URL must contain the brand’s name or a relevant keyword. 

For example if your company name is "My Nifty Corp" a good example of ILnk.It vanity url could be:


But why vanity URLs are so good? Here they are 3 reasons.

1. They are easier to remember

Consider the scenario where you someone tells you a website and you do not note it down.  Later when you need it, you can’t seem to remember it. With an easy to remember web address created with the help of ILnk.It vanity URLs, it is highly probable to leave a longer lasting impression.

2. They build trust

The other great thing about branded links is that they increase brand recognition. Also since ILnk.It branded URLs will take users to your brand ILnk.It page they will enforce the branding effect: sharing engaging and relevant content on social platforms with your branded page associated with it will increase your brand visibility and improve recognition. A branded link to a branded page instills trust. 

3. They are easy to use and share

Users will be more keen to share ILnk.It vanity URLs because they are obviously shorter, easier to remember, more trustworthy and take users to relevant content. Since they consist of words they also have the option to share them even verbally. 

The ease of sharing comes in handy on a platform which has a limitation on the number of words you can share e.g. twitter and where you don't really have option to place more than one link like Instagram. 

ILnk.It and Vanity URLs

Traditional solution to get vanity URLs was to buy a domain name, but nowaday a good domain name that is both short and contains the words you need (like your company name) is very hard. Also you also have to hire someone to build it, curate its contents and upgrades, which means you have to pay a relevant ongoing cost. On the other side you can use a URL shortner service but this way you can only point that URL to a single resource. What if you have more resources, for example a LinkedIn profile and a Facebook page?

With ILnk.It you can have your short vanity URL and a branded, mobile optimized landing page, very easy to edit with no programming skills, where you can add links to your online resource, social profiles, and contacts information.

Register to ILnk.It for free, choose your vanity URL.

ilnk.it #OneLinkToRuleThemAll

ilnk.it #OneLinkToRuleThemAll